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October 5, 2020

HATTIESBURG, MS – Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art is pleased to announce a Call for  Artists to design and execute an exterior mural titled “Your Life Matters.” The project will be  located at Ebenezer Baptist Church on East 8th Street in Hattiesburg, MS. Artists with  professional experience in public art or painting are invited to respond to the call.  

This new addition to the series of public art pieces commissioned through HAPA so far in 2020,  “Your Life Matters” will be a lively, positive mural focused on the impact people have on those  around them.  

The completed project will measure approximately 11.5 feet high x 33 feet wide and be placed  along the exterior of Ebenezer Baptist Church. The mural will face the newly restored East 8th Street basketball and tennis courts and also be highly visible from Chain Park, Hattiesburg’s 37- acre public park along the Bouie River. The prominent location will allow the mural to be enjoyed by tens of thousands annually.  

The purpose of the mural will be to illustrate the impact people have on those around them.  Ultimately, it will convey the message “The world needs the best of you…because you  matter.” Professional artists, both locally as well as those from across the state and nation, are  encouraged to submit designs. 

For more details and instructions, interested artists may visit artists. Applications must be electronically submitted by 5pm on Friday, October 23, 2020. The final design selection will be based on artistic merit, creativity, demonstrated ability, technical knowledge, and the artist’s interpretation of the theme.  

To learn more about HAPA and for a map of existing public art in Hattiesburg, visit HAPA’s  Facebook and Instagram pages or  

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A program of VisitHATTIESBURG, HAPA began in 2014 through the leadership of community  members and generous donors passionate about publicly sharing art and making it accessible  to all. In the past six years, HAPA has purchased and placed art throughout the city – in parks, neighborhoods, public buildings, and businesses – while also raising awareness for works of art  already in the area. Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art is made possible through the support of  local organizations and individuals who believe in the importance of public art.