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In an effort to further advance the promotion of arts in the community, the Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art (HAPA) was founded in 2014. An umbrella organization under VisitHattiesburg, HAPA is passionate about making art available to all; a free part of everyday life. Through HAPA, Hattiesburg has renewed its commitment to expand artistic offerings available in the community. In the past five years, HAPA has promoted community engagement for the arts and provided opportunities for art advocacy and education while adding new public art pieces throughout Hattiesburg. Our mission continues to be to purchase and place art in the heart of town – our parks, neighborhoods, public buildings, and businesses – and to raise awareness of the works already in the area while encouraging artists and engaging our community to strengthen support for public art.

HAPA believes in the power of art to vitalize our community for residents and visitors alike, in ways farther-reaching than aesthetics. Public art can enrich our imaginations; beautify our spaces for work, contemplation, and play; and inspire self-discovery, community engagement, and dialogue.

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Your support will enable us to further enhance public art offerings in Hattiesburg.

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