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December 17, 2020

HATTIESBURG, MS – Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art (HAPA) unveiled its final project for  2020 this week, adding to the extensive public arts collection throughout the city. “New  Normal”, designed by Hattiesburg artist Andrea Kostyal, is the ninth large-scale mural  completed by HAPA this year. Following the momentum of recent public art additions, plans  for more projects in 2021 are already underway.  

Located in Downtown Hattiesburg, “New Normal” is part of a series of paintings illustrating  lifestyle and public health impacts of 2020’s global pandemic. Featuring a Hattiesburg  cityscape and individuals wearing masks, the mural is an interactive and socially distanced  addition to the Hub City’s budding public arts scene.  

While artist Kostyal is an experienced painter with a portfolio of work found across the state  and country, this is her first mural project. The painting highlights iconic local scenery and  architecture and also incorporates elements from the alley where its located.  

“My goal through my art is to encourage viewers to stay positive and, most importantly,  united, because we are in this pandemic together worldwide, nationwide, and citywide. There  is not a single person that has not been affected by this,“ Kostyal said.  

Expanding Hattiesburg’s public art offerings has been a strategic focus of HAPA and the City of  Hattiesburg in 2020. These recent public art additions have provided another activity for  residents and visitors to safely enjoy. 

“With so many outstanding murals unveiled in 2020, it is appropriate that we finish the year  with local artist Andrea Kostyal’s ‘New Normal’,” Mayor Toby Barker said. “It speaks to a very  tangible reality that so many Hattiesburgers have lived during a very tough year. Her work  affords people an opportunity to reflect and process all that has happened during this  pandemic, and I hope it will serve as a reminder of all the personal sacrifices and changes in  habit that helped save lives.”

VisitHATTIESBURG and HAPA will continue to spread the message that HBURG is responsibly  open for tourism. Exploring public art is an ideal socially distanced activity for families, friends,  and travelers to uncover HBURG’s creative spirit.  

“This year, HAPA has partnered with businesses and artists throughout Hattiesburg to add  colorful, inspiring pieces to our alleyways and corridors. In fact, more public art was added this  year than in any other before. Art has the power to tell a story, and we are thankful for artists  like Andrea Koystal and property owners like Larry Albert that join us to activate public  spaces,” Marlo Dorsey, executive director of VisitHATTIESBURG, said. “This year is certainly  one for the history books, and Andrea’s ‘New Normal’ mural depicts our adjusted way of life  and the importance of joining together to ensure better days ahead.” 

Nearly 40 permanent sculptures and murals are included in Hattiesburg’s public arts collection.  For a map of these stops in Hattiesburg, visit HAPA’s Facebook and Instagram pages or  

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A program of VisitHATTIESBURG, HAPA began in 2014 through the leadership of community  members and generous donors passionate about publicly sharing art and making it accessible  to all. In the past six years, HAPA has purchased and placed art throughout the city – in parks, neighborhoods, public buildings, and businesses – while also raising awareness for works of art  already in the area.