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June 13, 2023

HATTIESBURG, MS (June 13, 2023) – The Hattiesburg Alliance for Public Art continues to grow its public art footprint with the addition of a colorful original work titled ‘Noche de Encanto’ created by local artist Hector Boldo. Located at the intersection of Main Street and 7th Street in downtown Hattiesburg, the mural honors folkloric dancers and celebrations of the Mexican culture. 

The collaborative project, measuring 14 ft. high by 60 ft. wide, is located on the façade of the newly revitalized Compadres Market and Taqueria, which opened in December 2022. In his public art portfolio, Boldo has completed three utility boxes for HAPA in Hattiesburg, which give nods to the Hispanic community and its history in various ways. An accomplished artist and teacher, Boldo’s use of vibrant tones and imagery have become well-known elements in his completed works. 

“The mural portrays the lively energy of Mexican culture with four folkloric dancers, evoking the spirit of celebration and movement. The central focus is a majestic prickly pear, a cactus that can thrive in harsh environments. It is adorned with its fruit and represents resilience, strength, and endurance,” said Boldo. “Anchoring the composition is a sugar skull, symbolizing the profound connection between life and death. Against the backdrop of a moonlit night, the mural encapsulates the enchantment and mystery that permeate Mexican traditions, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where cultural heritage dances under the shimmering light of the full moon.”

Hattiesburg’s public art has grown significantly throughout the city, both in murals and utility boxes, since 2020. This latest addition marks the city’s 45th mural. 

“We actively seek ways to diversify our public art offerings in Hattiesburg by blending the talents and genres of works of local and national artists in all of the projects we undertake,” said Kristen Brock, HAPA program director. “Translated in English, this mural’s title is ‘Night of Enchantment’, and when onlookers see it for the first time, it certainly evokes a strong feeling of joy and celebration that transcends languages.”

Funding partners for the project include HAPA, Downtown Hattiesburg Association, Compadres Market owner Alfredo Sandoval, and an anonymous art enthusiast. 

“The revitalization of our downtown continues to attract new investors and more visitors.  When we were approached to support this project, our board of directors wholeheartedly wanted to be an active partner,” said Andrea Saffle, executive director, Downtown Hattiesburg Association. “The curb appeal of our community continues to be enhanced by projects like this, and we hope everyone enjoys the completed piece as much as we do.”

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